Hehe, I found this forum on google looking up some statistics for a friend… and had to chime in, as I'm a redheaded female.  ;)  My family and I are from the former yugoslavia (serbia) with some romanian from my mother's side.

We have redheads on both sides of the family. 1 grandparent from each side with red hair, maternal grandfather with bright red hair, paternal grandmother with red hair. I started out with bright red hair, now its deep dark red. Not to be mistaken with reddish-brown, its still a true red but darkened copper, in the sunlight its more obvious. I also used to have blue-grey eyes and they also changed to green. There is definately an enviromental trigger for the shade change too… as my father and I both experienced a hair/eye color change at the same time when we moved (he went from blonde to black in his 30's-40s!) and I went from bright red to auburn.

I'm the last one in my generation with red hair, so far no cousins (even distant ones) have red hair, but before my generation there were plenty. The original poster said to post up pictures, but I feel shy, hehe. :-*

Loooool red headed serb? Never met one, cool. I know red heads are found in celtic peoples and that there are celtic remnants in our serb genome. Interesting.

Postavi slike ako hoces, ja sam cak sam to uradio ali u introduction. Boli mene sta ovi misle^^

Ali cak, interesantno da imate crvenokose u porodici. Iz kojeg kraja si? I ako znas koje ti je Bratstvo :)

Thank you both for the welcome  :-*

Milos, most of family is from Vojvodina, and to respond further:

Unfortunately it is a common misconception that celtics and irish are the original carriers of the redhaired gene. That is not true at all, and you can find red hair in other peoples as well. Also, if you take 10 million redheads and put them on one small island, then take another 10 million redheads and span them across thousands of miles of land, which area is going to seem like it has more redheads? The island of course. This is where that misconception arises from, that and in my youth with russian friends a lot of them had red hair, though it also got darker with age, usually brown, mine stayed red but got darker. Also which genes express themselves phenotypically will be triggered by the enviroment. This shows more on europeans because of the variance of colors. Our genes are more akin to a roulette wheel, we have an option of maybe 100's of different genes for hair color for example, and what dictates where the ball will land is the enviroment, starting from the womb believe it or not. We have to get the idea of punnet squares out of our minds to understand genetic diversity. The monk who invented the punnet square was using it hundreds of years ago for simpler color genes in flowers :)