Very beautiful Prejla, it reminds me of the embroidery on the ladies collars in the Spreewald.  This is an important thread the ladies have put up, because it documnts traditions that are not being kept alive, due to importing clothing, and other forces that prevent people from presrving and sharing things with their children.  They don't do work like this in China.

I was watching the movie Gandi today and an important part of his independence movement was getting Indians back to making their own cloth and basic items like salt.  Wouldn't it be wondrful if each country in the world would make a real effort to preserve their manufacturing and building traditions.  There is a youth movement in there somewhere.

My Mother was making Cheese Buttons and Kugen today and my Sister's kids were at a Soccer game.  What a shame to miss somthing important for something ignorant.  Cultural suicide.