@Svatsoslava-I am talking about the girl in the Blue vest in the picture by herslf, very high forehead, oval shaped face, Mousy brown hair, in Street clothes I would have guessed Northern Ireland or South Western England ancestory.  My sparing partner in Mixed Martials Dillon, his Sister has the same face.  We go to Celtic Fest every year and there are lots of girls with the same physical look.  They hang around the Music, embroidry and poetry/literature areas,  Easily identifiable from the Scottish Lasss in their plad skirts (a very violent people several Scotts end up in the hospital every year), Black or red hair girls watching Boxing, Celtic wrestling, Jousting, Sword play, Mixed Martial arts and ussually screaming for blood.  There is a big Whiskey tasting at Celtic Fest every year and hundreds of Bag Pipes. 

It is a shame there is no Slavic Festival to show of the different groups, their dance, art, food, history and Martial skills.  It would be a definite step forward, from fighting amongst ourselvs.

@Prejla- In modern times the Folk costumes of Wendish girls have mostly flowers at the collar, ussally in very muted colors, I have never noticed geometric patterns.  The head gear is whats most distinctive, as each Wendish area has it's own distictive womans hat.  There is no fighting or weapons allowed at Wendish Fest, as the Luthran Pastors set the rules and nothing Pagan as it is done of Church grounds.