With all the beautiful advertising Svätoslava does considering our traditional embroidery, one could really await some sort of retail on the SLAVORUM shop website. I am certain a lot of our members as well as visitors would be glad to buy a towel or a shirt with our traditional embroidery, besides a mug. No offence to the mug.  :)

The hand-made items being the most expensive ones of course.

I see a real opportunity here for both Slavorum and Svätoslava to make a honest earned profit. Slavorum could take care of advertising and distribution, while Svätoslava handles the resources which would be offered on the site. I do not know a better website where it could work as good as here, the embroidery is for me if not the most visible image of the Slavic people in general and I am sure, for others as well.

For someone who unfortunately isn't able to be in touch with his heritage, like our Slavic brothers in other countries, owning a piece of embroidery, be it a towel, shirt or just socks, would be a great aid in restrengthening the tie to his own ethnic identity.

Thinking about it now, I would manage to make a lot of little things, for example embroidered pendants similar to this one :


however, I don't know any shop where I can buy such metal frames with glass. Any ideas?

Of course, our almighty Perun and people – customers would have to take interest in the pendants, otherwise all is vain  :D  Just saying…


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