The movie Hostel and it's sequel, Hostel: Part II, were an awful and typically bigoted depiction of Slavic Europe. The plot involves some typical American college boys going to Slovakia to get laid (why else would Americans go to Slovakia?) but become the targets of a crime syndicate that kidnaps peoples and then lets rich clients torture and murder them. The films were produced by Quentin Tarantino, who seems to love blood and gore, and were written and directed by Eli Roth, an American Jew. No doubt, this is just more Jewish anger at Slavs. When they do not show them as willing and corrupt Nazi collaborators or genocide-minded Serbian war criminals, Slavs are shown as sadistic torturers. Interesting, that in the first film, one of the crime organizations clients is a fat German… gee, I wonder where that came from.

Also, the country with the current worst human right rights record, is none other than the self-proclaim Jewish state, yet Jewish film makers continue to make films about evil Arabs and Nazis and others as the Hostel films show.