Excellent work Wilkolak!

I've always loved reading about the vikings from Denmark, being that my Mother is from there. I didn't think that Poles or neighboring slavic tribes were in Jomsviking society. Have you read about Palnatoki? Palnatoki is a legendary Danish viking that supposedly started Jomsvikings.


Palnatoke or Palnatoki, sometimes written Palna-Toki or Palna Toki (Old Norse Pálnatóki or Pálna-Tóki), was a legendary Danish hero and chieftain of the island of Fyn. He raised Harald Bluetooth's son Sweyn Forkbeard and was a staunch supporter of the old pagan faith. He convinced Sweyn to wage war on his own father, and according to some accounts, Palnatoki himself slew Harald. In addition to religious motives, he may have been taking revenge for the death of his grandfather, the Geatish earl Jarl Ottar, who was killed when Harald invaded Götaland.

According to the Jómsvíkinga saga, Palnatoki founded the brotherhood of Jomsvikings and established its laws, but many doubt this.

Saxo Grammaticus relates how Palnatoke (Toko) was forced by King Harald to use a single arrow to shoot an apple from his own son's head as the boy ran downhill.