Not sure about Germany but Anglos tend to get excited when someone mentions the name Viking.  A lot of them see Vikings as the people with warpaint and horned helmets.  I think it's the Irish who like bragging about Dublin being a trade outpost and somehow that being proof that there's a lil' Viking in each Irish man.  ::)

In reality, the British (+ Irish) are no more Scandinavian than the French or any Romance people for that matter.  Even when comparing modern European cultures, the English have nothing in their culture resembling Scandinavia (vodka was an uknown thing, in Britain, until the 1970s.  And the Sauna is a place for "men to hook up with men", as opposed to a communal activity in Baltic and Slavic countries.  Scandinavian cooking is not the best on the continent but it's definately better than British cooking  :D  British society was also characterized with feudalism; whereas, Scandinavians never really had this institution.)

So Danelaw never happened and Kingdom's of Sweden, Norway and Denmark werent feudal? They had feudalism you know. You are mixing serfdom with feudalism. English also had communal activity and bath's like all medieval nations had. Swedish word bastu (sauna), german word bad and english word bath are all related. Scandinavians might not have serfdom but they had many peasant revolts so life was not any better for them.

This stereotype that medieval people didnt bathe is a joke. Infact in old times nordic's were worser than other europeans. Let me quote fact about medieval Scandinavian cleanliness.

Secular medieval texts constantly refer to the washing of hands before and after meals, but Sone de Nansay, hero of a 13th century romance, discovers to his chagrin that the Norwegians do not wash up after eating.

Bathing traditions were constantly changing. At one time northeners were better off at other times southeners etc. Example in 9th century Italians were among cleanest people in europe but in late Middle Ages and Renaissance Germans had most numerous public baths. Thats why germans became so numerous over time (better health more people) and thats why they have populated much of Pommerania, Silesia etc. There is also myth that church was against bathing. That is not the case. Church was against bathing naked in public baths and becouse prostitution was widespread in public houses. Public houses were very important for medieval people western or eastern they all bathed like they all eated and drinked.

Anway what's with all this constant anti-anglo talk? You shouldnt mix your feelings about "anglos" with history. Look their history is just as much good and bad as history of any nation. All European countries had some form of feudalism and each had at certain times worser conditions and other times better.