It's a very ambitious project! And it needs real scientists, supporters and… finance.

It would be great if major universities in major Slavic cities would cooperate on this project. It could be published simultaneously in multiple Slavic languages, too.

Kolovrat is our sunny sign despite of that Nazy crazy bloodthirsty idiot with short mustache compromised it so. :P

Haha… I think we don't have the same opinions on National Socialism, but it's true that by the end, Hitler's vision had reached a massive failure. But opinion and even scholarship about him is still influenced by wartime (Soviet and Allied) propaganda. He was just as bloodthirsty as Napoleon – had an imperial vision and was willing to kill for it. The thing to note is that no Slavic ruler ever was as bent on conquest and reshaping Europe (or even the world) as any Western ruler was. Only Stalin measures up to this, but at least half of his conquests were a response to Nazi Germany and not unprovoked.