This site has a lot of interesting information, including some that breaks established dogma and taboo.

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Very interesting, I didn't know Poles suffered genocide by the Ukrainian Nationalists during WW2.


Let us add that on a European scale, as far as dreadful tortures go, the genocide committed by the Ukrainians on the Poles is only comparable, to a certain extent, to the Croatian genocide (by the Ustashi of Ante Pavelic) against the Serbs during World War II from the spring of 1941. However, what was also practiced there on a big scale were mass expulsions, or "conversion" to Catholicism, which meant that a large majority of the Serbs, who were within the boundaries of the Croatian state formed in April of 1941 (with acceptance by Germany and Italy) could survive. But in the case of the genocide by Ukrainians, the practice was to murder absolutely all the Poles, who fell into their hands. The fact is that despite the fabrications of the Ukrainians, there were no "calls to leave" Volhynia directed at the Poles, or simple "deportations". This is totally debunked by the Siemaszkos' work. Quite the reverse, it was very often the case that Poles, who wanted to run away before the genocide already being committed in neighbouring districts reached them were encouraged to remain, with "guarantees" that they would be safe. Or they were subjected to threats that their running away would be considered as treason against the Ukrainians. All this was aimed at ensuring that they would all be killed right where they were.


What is the view on this matter today, since we had the same situation here?