Very interesting, I didn't know Poles suffered genocide by the Ukrainian Nationalists during WW2.

What is the view on this matter today, since we had the same situation here?

Yeah, Ukrainians did kill a lot of Poles then, sadly. This was one of the main reasons for carrying out Operation Vistula in which the Polish government expelled many Ukrainians from the Polish state established after the war. Some were also moved north to fill the gaps that German population left behind in their flight and also expulsion. The Polish Communists also turned a blind eye to many revenge killings carried out by Poles.

All in all, it is probably the single worst chapter in PL-UA relations. However, both nations, on official levels in the form of Presidential statements, have apologized for their ancestors misdeeds. The two main nationalist parties in PL and UA, NOP and Svoboda, have even discussed this issue and agreed that, while horrible, it cannot dictate what we do now and what we plan for in the future. I think that's a good sign. Problems like this cannot be solved, the dead will remain dead, so the problems must be outgrown.

One should take that as an example for any sort of trust-building between Croats and Serbs, since WW2 was as well the single worst chapter between Croat-Serb relations (excluding the 90's that were a prolongation of the WW2 conflict).