It’s their religion. It teaches them that they are “Chosen” by their god, Yhwh, and thus have a privileged position. It’s quite simple really. The problem is that even secular Jews act out this way of thinking, and this be seen in the neo-cons in the US and Israel. Note that Karl Marx was a secular Jew by choice, but he came from a long line of very Conservative Rabbis, yet the Elite Class that de facto forms in any Communist state is just like Jews see themselves: privileged and in power over those who work for them. It’s simple but really wired into the Jewish worldview. They cannot see the world in any other way and ardently react to the slightest criticism of this obvious selfishness.

The same way people used to freak out when they thought the Earth was flat and that women who can swim are witches and thus be burned. Now we have 6 million dead (most gassed) Jews in WW2 and “holocaust deniers” and “anti-semites” as the new heretics. People lose their jobs, livelihoods, reputation and get prison time for simply raising a few obvious and logical questions about Holocaust Dogma.

It is a primitive mode that they are locked into and show now way of abandoning it. Most other peoples have grown beyond their old dogmatic drives, but for the Jews, their old dogmas just continually take new forms. Note that Jews themselves celebrate mass-murder when it suits them. This is the holiday Purim that commemorates the massacre of countless Persians. The Hollywood-produced, anti-Persian, and neo-con politically themed movie, 300 came out during Purim in 2006. Old dogma, new form – that’s Jews.