The wolf was the principal animal for the old Serbs. Together with the falcon (sokol) they formed the duality of heaven and earth (sokol gospodar neba, vuk gospodar zemlje). I also heard that according to our traditional 'creation myth' the humans evolved from the wolves.

The relationship between the Serbs and the wolves is probably the most interesting one, our tradition contains a lot considering that aspect. The founder of the Serbian Pravoslav church is known as the wolf-shepherd. It was believed that wolves scare away evil spirits and ghosts, protect the newborns from illness. Because of this parents gave their children wolf names, which even today are very often among the Serbs.

Wolf names:

    Vuk, Vukan, Vukadin, Vujadin, Vukašin, Vuki, Vule, Vukmir, Vukoman, Vukota, Vukosav, Vuksan[/li]

    Vučica, Vukica, Vuka, Vukosava, Vukava, Vukadinka, Vukana, Vukinja, Vukmana, Vukmanija, Vukmila, Vukoja, Vukojla, Vukomana, Vukomanija, Vukodraga, Vukmira, Vukmirka, Vukna, Vukomanka, Vukomila, Vukomira, Vukomirka, Vukosavka, Vukoslava, Vukoslavka, Vukostana, Vuksana, Vulina, Vulka, Vučana, Vučanka[/li]

Serbs being a highland folk came frequently in contact with the wolves, out of this relationship a vast spectrum of rituals evolved. One of the most distinguishing for the Serb people, is the art of singing called 'pjevanje iz vika' as well as the 'ojkaca' (more here) that originated as a sort of man/wolf communication.

The wolf is to this day on the most respected animal among the Serbs and is seen as a national symbol of our people, equal to the Russian bear or the Gallic rooster (France).

I often heard that Serbs resemble wolves in their appearance as well as mentality, if this is true or not I let others to decide.

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