Serbian orthodox monk and a wolf

Looking at those images, I remember the sayings I heard from the old ones.


Srbin samo vuku vjeruje[/li]

– Only the wolf, the Serb trusts


Gdje samo vuk i Srbin mogu da prezive[/li]

– Where only a wolf and a Serb can survive (refering to the karst highlands)


Vuk ne vije sto je mesa gladan, nego vije da druzinu svije[/li]

– A wolf doesn't howl because of hunger for meat, but to unite his breed

I wonder did Serbs have wooden totem's in shape of a wolf? I know Balšići had wolf coat of arms;

I doubt. Our totems if one can call them as such were depictions of old gods (Svetovid, Perun, Triglav etc.). The relationship with the wolf evolved through frequent encounters in the everyday life through the times, and a sort of respect building towards the most prominent predator of our region. The Serbs used to live in the highlands with the beginning of the 15th century, which is an extremly harsh and vast isolated space. With the wolf being the only companion to the shepherd and very much time at ones disposal, the wolf and the Serb started to befriend each other.