Wolf friend to a shepherd. Seems like you guys realy get along together. You Serbs and Bosnians are funny (in a positive way). Bosnians are seeing dragons and serbs talk to the wolves ;D I know balkan is wolf country but i know i would be realy angry if they attacked my sheep herd. In slovene lands shepherds had to use this guys against wolf especialy in Notranjska, Kras and Istra;

Anway what do you mean by highlands. Do you have only highlands in Serbia (if we exclude Vojvodina)?

Dragons (see here) are a whole different story :) a combination of those two titles 'dragon' and 'wolf', makes out of you a traditional Serbian superhero. Like Zmaj Ognjeni Vuk e.g.

– The title 'zmaj' (dragon) is traditionally given only to the strongest of warriors.

Šarplaninac, the dog you shown, belongs to the family. They are often stronger than wolves. Might be they developed through crossbreeding of 'tamed' wolves.

The highlands are a sort of traditional core of the Serbian people. (see here)