I have a exactly 3000 calorie diet each day. Mostly it's a high protein diet as i get at least 200g of protein each day. As well, i'm trying to imitate Paleolithic diet (Caveman diet) as much as i can, meaning eating raw foods as similar to hunter gatherer people of Paleolithic, meaning i eat a lot of almonds, nuts, fruit, grilled meat as grilled chicken, tuna while trying to cut the artificial carbs such as bread and stuff and only bread i eat is dark bread which is rich in fibers and protein. Sweets and candy are on the minimum, as well as salt, pepper and alike… raw and rich in protein is my thing 8)

If anyone is interested btw:

as for my diet, my usual day looks like this:

when i wake up:
handfull of almonds,
glass of skimmed milk
few mandarins
protein shake

1 hour later:
darkbread sandwich with turkey or chicken ham

or boiled eggs

grilled chicken with salad

2 hours later
handfull of almonds or other nuts

after training
protein shake

normal large meal with red or white meat and salad

skimmed milk

It isn't exactly but it is sort of how my day looks like. Very diverse, raw and rich nutrition wise… as you can see i haven't cut complete the carbs out, because i have no choice, i have to eat a sandwich in the morning as there is no alternative when you work in downtown but then i try to use as healthier and better bread i can such as the dark one which are rich in fibers and have at least some protein etc and i sad, i try to imitate the caveman diet as much as i can. Agriculture is new in our human race life span, our ancestors ate raw fruits, vegetables and meat and our digesting system adpted to it, and we are still here alive meaning the diet works however from ever since agricultural foods are being made we see much and much more hearth Disease unlike in times of primitive caveman raw diet. Bread, rice, potatoes, candy, salt, sugar, oils…get rid of it and eat as raw as you can, and train hard 8)