I dont think heart diseases are due to bread etc. If that was the case then i shouldnt have extreamly high pressure. I dont eat alot of bread at all. Infact i think heart problems are becouse we are not moving around enough. Except for mountaineering during some weekends i dont realy do any physical exercise. Also i sleep too much.

It is known that not enough physical exercise and too much or too little sleep is causing heart problems.

Bread is just one of the things that give you high pressure. Add to that salt, candy,  bad fats, potatoes…it's insulin spikes that will tear you apart during sleeping in night and wake you up. Exercise alone won't help, if help at all…

Paleo at UFC137 with Frank Mir
Frank mir, an active athlete yet he had high blood pressure until he completely cut out the intake of bread, potatoes and such carbs with Paleo diet.