Yes it is possible that bread might influence pressure but i dont eat it very much (not everyday). I was cycling everyday last summer and i sleept only as much as it is needed (around 7-8h's) and my pressure became normal but my nature is lazy so i am back on the track.

Of course i dont deny that bread has negative influence if you eat it often but i think that is with all foods. The thing is that our ancestors worked as hell when farming so they probably "burned food" fast. Also they didnt eat as much as we do nowdays. So they had hard work everyday and little food intake. They also practiced fasting which is very beneficial.

I have heard of paleolithic diet before but i think it would be dificult to implemented this diet among all people in this world especialy becouse meat production demands alot of land. Also i personaly couldnt get rid of fresh bread, beer and good country cheese.

Anway little off topic but when it comes to beer wheat beers are best option since they are high on protein (thats why wheat beers have strong foam). I think you are right about dark bread Pentaz. In the old times people ate dark bread. White bread was very expensive.

Average diet in slavic lands were kaša's, cheese, dark bread, honey, lots of various fruits, dried fruits (in winter) meat, venison meat, eggs, small beer (low alco), fresh water (if water spring was clean). As far as alcohol goes they only dranked small beers, kvass and possibly low alcohol ciders or something similar. On special occasions they drank strong beers, mead and south slavs even wine.

As for me in winter i usualy get bad habits since there are so many holiday's. In summer i eat more healthy.