What is a small beer?  From reading around, it seems like medieval beer had a higher calorie content and people would drank a minimum a litre of day (1000-1200 calories).  Amusingly, unless you were a farmer or a soldier, there was an epidemic of obesity during the Medieval Ages and this was often compounded when people considered obesity to be an indication of wealth.

Should always be cautious about the "ye old days" (golden age) and "ye days of dirt" (nightmare) rhetoric on the Medieval Ages.

I never mentioned middle ages also i dont think middle ages were golden ages i was just saying what slavs ate and drank. By old times i mean periods until 20th century. If you had in mind middle ages than i must say 90% of people were farmers so there wasnt much obesity back then except maybe among older people (who didnt have to work anymore and their children had to take care for them) and definitely among higher classes.

Small beer didnt exist only in medieval ages. Small beer only means beer with low alcohol but it can be any style. Small beer was once more of a casual drink like juice is today. You cant get waisted on small beer except if you would drink whole barrel. Not very long ago many dutch schools still had small beer on their menu. One good example of small beer was grodziskie piwo altho there were also stronger versions of grodziskie beer. Modern grodziskie beers are all high on alcohol nowdays.

About calories etc. i said wheat beer has more proteins than other beers becouse wheat has more proteins but that dosent mean it is protein bomb. ;D