I hate dieting and after trying it before I only felt weak and tired all the time.
Tried all sorts of diets when I was training, but I have nothing good to say about any of them.

I do eat healthy though. I generally eat vegetables, fruit, thin dairy, seed breads and with meat only really fish and chicken.
Of course if I feel like some red meat, potatoes or even junk food when I am not in mood for cooking, I won't say no to any of them (since I am not one of this f***ing annoying and self-righteous health nuts), but I do tend to eat this heavier foods very rarely this days.

I find if you avoid potato chips, sodas (Coke/Pepsi, Mirinda/Fanta etc.), artificial sauces (like at junk food places), anything deep fried in oil and white bread, I don't gain weight and don't feel heavy/tired. This works perfectly for me and is only thing I can recommend to anyone.