We're getting -20° this weekend as well they said on tv :/

Here also. They say we're getting -26 Thursday and Friday and then snow this weekend.

normal winter :) -15 C in the day, -30 C in before dawn in valleys and basins. Nothing we are not used to.
a bit of snow, one or two cold waves, hmm who would expect that in January? I planned to take some colour running naked in the fields  ;D

Really, those dead people must be mostly homeless who sit all the day on street, drink, and when they fall asleep they never get up anymore. Or some idiots who forgot how to dress in winter.
t-shirt, sweater and a coat. Is it that much?  :)

You are right, it's just that it was so warm and then sudden drop I think that surprised people, especially in Poland and Ukraine.

edit: mongolian children sleep in tents at -40 C so shut up Croatians :D

Nikt im nie każe spać w namiotach. ;D

We expect -43 С at the next few days  :D

Haha, now you are just boasting. :P Tell me, Sibiryak, is this warm or cold for your region? You planning to maybe do some suntanning? ;D