Kanadets, you heard of that Calgary woman who went to Mexcio with her husband (last week, I think) and got beaten brutally at the five star resort she was staying at? They had to put her in a coma at the hospital, her head/face had been beaten in.
I saw on the news yesterday that the prep was a Mexican Indian, surprise surprise.

Yes I have.  That's a good example of Anglo shenanigans.  It is a crime but I couldn't sympathize with the victim when I had read the entire story.

If you read the story, you'll find that Sheila Nabb was running around butt naked in a five star hotel.  I assumed she was trying to hitch herself up with any man available (what women does this?! Sounds like the Anglo females I met in European hostels) and then she had that 'normal conversation' with the Mexican Quintero in the elevator, who panicked because he was high on cocaine and may have assumed it was a police sting operation and the rest is obvious.

A lot of people suspect that the real story is much different. 

If you don't want to beaten by a Mexican man in Mexico, then don't run around a five star hotel butt naked being a pain to everyone; alternatively, don't go to Mexico period.  I've been to almost every 40 countries and Mexico is a destination I would never head to.