when Sheila Nabb entered a hotel elevator naked.

“I was talking to her and she was talking to me normally. She didn’t seem afraid or anything like that,” he said.

“I got afraid also because she’s an American, or a she’s North American and I’m a Mexican and I wasn’t supposed to be in the hotel,” he said.

“And she was naked, so I covered her mouth and I said ‘Please don’t yell. I’m going to go home.’”

Of course this story is repeated on many sites but it appears that she was indeed running around the hotel naked, striking up conversations with men, et al.  Who knows what this could mean.  Her husband was supposedly in the hotel but had no idea where she was.  I suppose she was looking for a holiday fling?  Husband is probably not going to comment in the media because, if this story is true, he's probably the loser in this scenario.

Although, some commentors claim that this is a story made up by the Mexican police.  What can we ever believe in our world?  Just don't head to Mexico period.