I have heard few different version about the origin of the Cossacks. One theory, which is very popular in USA, is that they are descendants of the Mongols and Turks. Another version is that they are Slavic Russians. Yet another version claims that they are a mixture of different nationalities who excaped their governments and found refuge with each other, similar to foreign legion. I hope to learn more about this.

In my views, Cossacks are mixed culture with obvious asian and turk roots, the descendants of metis nomads and caucasians from south regions of modern Russia and Ukraine. During their history they absorbed genes of Slavic people, but true Cassacks still be anthropologically different from the Slavs. Althought, Cossacks in Russia and Siberia were something like a military class, not nationality. Their customs are clothing are very similar with population of Northern Caucasus.

"Russian" Cossack from the beginning of XX century:

[img width=500 height=700]http://pohodd.ru/gal/d/7905-1/122.jpg” />

Caucasians in their national clothes:


The Kuban Cossacks still speak with an Ukrainian dialect and practice Ukrainian folklore.  They may serve the Russian state, but if Russia ever decided to abandon the Caucauses, they simply would appeal to Kiev.

It's just power politics

Well, you're wrong. All true Cossack organisations in South Russia were dissolved by Soviets, Cossack leaders emigrated after the Civil war in Russia, after an unsuccessful attempt to regain power during WWII some of them were exterminated.  Modern Cassack movement in South Russia (and probably in Ukraine) has nothing common with real Cassacks, it's just a pathetic bunch of clowns, is not capable to protect even themselves against Caucasians.

About language of cassacks in south Russia – yes, they have a lot of common cossack words in their "language", which are similar with Ukrainian, but it still be one of the dialects of Russian language with "Ukrainian influence". Cassacks in Russia have Russian (not Ukrainian) names and surnames.


Interestingly, the final stage of research, they decided to add to the list of names of residents of the Southern region of Krasnodar, expecting that the prevalence of Ukrainian Cossacks descendants of families who were evicted here by Catherine II, significantly reduce all-Russian list. But this is an additional restriction reduced the list of all-Russian surnames only 7 units – down to 250. Which results in obvious and not for all pleasant conclusion that Kuban is inhabited mainly by the Russian people. Were there any  Ukrainians – the big question.