You cannot become German, that is total BS! You either are German, or you are not.
Vietnamese most certainly cannot become German. He can be 20th generation with citizenship, German language and nothing Vietnamese in his/her culture, yet he will always be same f***ing g*** by blood (or as PC idiots would say, German of Vietnamese descent).

German ethnogenesis was made up of Germanic tribes, as well as Germanized Celtic, Slavic and Rhaetisch peoples, in ancient times and times of tribal movements and prior to Holy Roman Empire of German nation. g***s are just recent welfare tourists or adopted pets, nothing more.
Most certainly not German!!!

Anyway, OT. ;D

I agree that we shouldn't mix with Asians or any other non-White. I was just thinking hypothetically that after so many generations that person would look and act 'German.' In reality, if I found out a person who looked white had Viet blood, I would then think of them as non-White.