Western European's idea of nationalism is national populism; which is more than willing to adopt multiculturalism.  For instance, we could reference the BNP but in my country one of the prominent 'far-right' is married to an Amerindian woman and has several mixed race children.  In the United States, there is a populist faction in the republican party which appeals to Africans and Amerindians.

It does beg the question if Western Europeans and their descendents even understand nationalismTo be fair, the 1848 Revolution (the second wave of nationalism) was a phenomenon restricted to Eastern Germans, Austrians and Slavs and largely was a counter-reaction and class movement against a foreign alien population (aristocracy which at the time was pro-Latin / pro-French and distanced themselves from the population).

Maybe the Western Europeans and their descendents could use a 1848 of their own, with the working class (and Chavs…) and middle class uniting together to drive out the Cosmpolitan / alien elite (and the multicultural horde too) and engage in a reinassance of new, contemporary and/or old identities (Breton, Cascadianism, Cornish Revival, et al).