Long live the "new right" – "European" nationalism now also for jews and blacks. Vedmak, what's your opinion about pro-NRW and the likes? I think they are pretty much the German equivalent to shit like Front National, Geert Wilders, BNP etc.

I never liked these pro-NRW, Republikaner etc. either. They are obsessed with Islam, but accept negroes, Jews etc. within their ranks.
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The only reason why I read the PI blog ist because it is usually well informed about "youth crime".

Jacobin Junta?

The FN is a classic Jacobin party, civic nationalists, means they accept any race as long as they are loyal to the constitution and flag.
Junta was an ironic remark towards the press, which acts like the FN were to establish some right-wing/fascist/NS military dictatorship after their election victory.