If Iran really does have nukes, I hope they nuke Israel to hell.

Sadly, most likely this will not happen. Iran's nukes do exist nowhere but in Zionist propaganda and the minds of those who believe them. Iran's nuclear program is for civil use only

Also, I am not sure if America can afford full-scale war with Iran with their current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (since their economy is not in hottest shape and this wars are far more expensive than previous foreign wars).

I don't think the US will play a big role in this, they cannot afford it and war with Iran (large country with mostly mountainous terrain) would end in an even bigger desaster for them than war in Iraq and Afghanistan. This time, I believe, it will be Israel itself. The fact that Ron Paul, the libertarian shithead, liar and Zionist puppet, with his "non-interventionist policy" is gaining popularity (= ZOG puts him into the game as a controlled "alternative") on the one hand is a sign that Israel is not dependent on US-support anymore and on the other hand, if he becomes president, it grants Israel that the US won't stop them in their wargames.

However, there is still some hope that Iran might teach Israel a lesson: first of all, Iran is nearly impossible to control on the ground (as mentioned, the terrain is mostly mountains and the country just is too big), second, it is has reasonable military power, third, the Iranians have proven themselves to be preserving and determined fighters in the Iran-Iraq war.