[size=9pt]Text of report by Bosnian Croat Mostar-based daily Dnevni list, on 18 October 2011[/size]
"Croats demand that Livno joins the Serb Republic?!" (link)

Livno – The Croat councillors in Livno have recently called for a referendum on the municipality's separation from the BiH Federation [FBiH] constitutional and legal system and its merger with the Serb Republic [RS]. The Croat politicians in Livno say that the reason that prompted them to make such a drastic move is, as they put it, the untenable position of Croats who have been exposed to "Ottoman terror."

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It seems that the reason for such a drastic move is the unability to defend themselves from what the Croats perceive as Islamistic terror of Sarajevo and it's leading Bosniak politicians upon the non-muslim citizens of the FBiH (the Bosniak Federation). According to Sarajevo, on the grounds of a catholic monastery in Livno that was raised by the Turks in the 17th century an Ottoman mosque should be rebuilt.

We do not want to get involved in loving relationships between Muslims and Croats. Let them stay where they are now!!!

I doubt there is any love left… 'odneo vrag šalu'

They are the same. Do not pay attention to them at all, please…!!!

Pensionsystems are for all citizens of BiH thus the federation or "state" should take care of this. Even the Bosniak presidency said this a couple of months ago. Why they aren't paying? Resentment towards serbs.

It's not resentment, simply disorganization on state level and because RS can't cover it's expenses because it sold it's main income makers Telecom, ED company and few other big rollers who in pre-Dodik RS were supplying 70ish% of entity budget. While BHTelecom and HTMostar combined with other Federation owned buisnesess bearly cover our overbloated administration (we are always 5-12 millions in deficit while that number is few times bigger in RS) , but if we transfer police and few other branches to state level from entity like we did with millitary, money would be spent more efficiently and transparently (or we would be rejoiced to find out that our leaders are working hand in hand again and the loot from our taxes being split 1/3).