They are Macedonians, your love for the Greeks is so huge that you deny the national identity of the brotherly Slavic people?

Noz depicts the islamization of Bosnia in a good way. Watch it.

Anyway I don’t deny them that, but the historical name Makedonac is greek. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/33/Map_Macedonia_336_BC-en.svg I don’t know how modern Macedonia is part of ancient ? Ancient macedonians were fringe greek, they had permission to partake in the Olympic games etc. They were seen as fringe greeks due to their political system.

Modern macedonians are slavs. Of the Obodriti, Timocani and Branicevci. Nothing less, nothin more. I don’t see how I am denying them anything? I am for historical justice, I don’t like when albanians fuck things up by saying the Nemanjic dynasty was in fact a albanian one or that Njegos was a albanian. Why should I then like when someone says Aleksander the great was a slav? He was not, would be nice if he was but he wasn’t.

The tribal name of the Macedonians is commonly explained as having originally meant ‘the tall ones’ or ‘highlanders’ in Greek.[20] It is traditionally derived from the Indo-European root *mak-,*meh2k,[21][22] meaning ‘long’ or ‘slender’, cognate with poetic Greek makednos or mêkedanos[23] “long, tall,” Doric makos , Attic mêkos length,[24] Makistos mythological eponymous of a town in Elis and epithet of Heracles, Avestan masah ‘length’, Latin macer ‘meagre’ Hittite mak-l-ant ‘thin’. Vittore Pisani constructed a Macedonian word kedôn, out of the Greek chthon, ‘earth’ and proposed also a meaning of high land. R.S.P. Beekes claims that the morphological analysis make- (root) + -dnos (suffix) is impossible in an Indo-European word and that it is more likely that the word has a Pre-Greek origin.[25] Makedon.