Macedonians are family, just like Bulgarians or Croats. And you know familiy members don’t always get along. Greeks are not considered family, but friends out of already mentioned reasons.

Finaly a good answer , coming from person I wouldnt expect (no offense).
For me it would be unlogical to call lets say Italians brothers (cos of same religion which ofc I do not practice but lets say I do) … they could be a dear nation to me (which also they r not but just for the argument) but they could never be my brothers like Macedonians …or even Serbs which we had too many wars during century but we share same blood , language and once Rodnovjerje. (ofc with ones who respect myself as Slav and Croat and our rightfull land not the ones who say my sea is Serbian etc , as I dont claim parts of Serbia to be Croatian).