Muslims are training for a Winter Jihad  :D  Those Bosniak Wizard Towers are probably behind the cold snap…

These videos are awesome.  ;)

The Wizard Prime of Bosnistan has predicted a great victory against infidels in the Great Snowy Strugle in the name of Allah.

Your sorcery ways is no match for the Canadian Death Plane…

The Brotherhood of NOD

We've already taken out one of your wizard towers.  Beware.

So you Kanadian Tatars were behind the death of our last Wizard Prime >:(

My blood cries out for the vengeance of my people's blood, which can only be made up with at least twice as much blood, or maybe three times as much blood, like if you went to hell, and it was full of blood, and that blood was on fire, and it was raining blood, and maybe that would be enough blood. Eh, but probably not.