This is how that thread should have been opened! ;D I said this in Cvetinov’s thread, so I will just copy and paste answer from there:

Guys, “real Slavs” (::)) are:

an Indo-European panethnicity living in Eastern Europe, Southeast Europe, North Asia and Central Asia. The term Slavic represents a broad ethno-linguistic group of people, who speak languages belonging to the Slavic language family and share, to varying degrees, certain cultural traits and historical backgrounds. From the early 6th century they spread to inhabit most of central and eastern Europe and the Balkans. In addition to their main population centre in Europe, some East Slavs also settled later in Siberia and Central Asia. Part of all Slavic ethnicities emigrated to other parts of the world. Over half of Europe’s territory is inhabited by Slavic-speaking communities. The worldwide population of people of Slavic descent is close to 400 million.

If you are descended of two Slavic parents whose lines originate in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Macedonia or Montenegro, you are “real Slavic” (::)). If you are, for example, 50% of Slavic origins and 50% of Germanic origins, like Kanadets, then you are 50% “real Slavic” and 50% “real Germanic”. If you have, for example, 100% Slavic origins and one Germanic surname in one of your lines, like Pentaz, you are “real Slavic” with some minor and distant “real Germanic” ancestry. I am 100% of Polish origins living in Poland and Husarz is 100% of Polish origins living in USA. Am I more “real Slavic” than he is because my taxes go into pockets of government of that idiot Donald Tusk while his taxes feed that mongrel pup Barack Obama and his lemmings?

What does it f***ing matter where you live or which corrupt politician you pay your taxes to? “Real Slavic” is what runs in your veins. “Real Slavic” is not judged by your actions. Criminals of Slavic descent living in prison of Slavic country or non-Slavic country are no less “real Slavic” than most virtuous, law-abiding and tax paying, model citizen person of Slavic descent living in Slavic country or non-Slavic country. Slavs of today are descended of various Slavic ethnic groups descended from ancient Slavic tribes. End of story.

Of course, if you are living outside of Slavic country, it is admirable if you can speak language of your ancestors and you follow culture of your folk or even just take interest in it, but let’s be serious, how much of people in your Slavic countries (paying their taxes etc.) give two shits about their Slavic heritage? How are they more “real Slavic” than someone living in Canada or Australia and who struggles to speak language of their ancestors who actually does take interest in their Slavic heritage?

And last point, NO, NO AND NO cygan from India, kike from Middle East, n***** from Africa, mongrel from Caucasus or Mongol from Asia living in Slavic countries, paying taxes, speaking Slavic language and even integrating into Slavic culture will EVER, EVER be Slavic!!!

I agree with Sokil and his point made here: http://www.slavorum.com/index.php?topic=1479.msg16161#msg16161. This thread is divisive and alienates Slavs living in New World who come here out of interest in their Slavic heritage, history and culture (isn’t this on its own best example of Slavdom?). They are no less “real Slavic” than any “real Slav” from Slavic country here and have equal right to be here as we are without being judged in terms of where they live or how well they speak Slavic language.

Last point, Slavic heritage, culture, identity and language are PRIORITY of Slavic preservationism, and they are of CRITICAL IMPORTANCE, in case someone thinks I am only talking in terms of race, but I am criticizing some people’s views here that where you live etc. are some degree of measuring one’s “Slavdom”.

I am starting to think this thread has run its course and done more damage than good. Anyone have anything to add? Should it even remain open?