Why? Does this have something to do with religion because in that case I really could care less. You could be a Satanist for all I care and if you have Slavic heritage you are a Slav.

Because he is a muhajir (Turks, Pomaks, Albanians, Bosniaks, Abkhazians, Ajarians, ‘Circassians’, Lazs, Chveneburis, Chechens, Tatars). Some of them could be of Slavic ancestry, but through half of millenia of Ottoman Turkish brainwash they don’t consider themselves as such and were fighting against Slavs in countless wars for the last 200 years since the fall of the Ottoman Empire, from the Caucasus to the Balkans.

– There are exceptions of course, of those muhajirs of Slavic ancestry that embrace their ancestry rather than their ‘Ottoman Islam tradition’, and you may find them on this forum.