…and what I have seen from you is that you are stalking posts and even members, posting their full names on public boards without even asking them, constant babble how Serbs are more Slavic than everyone else, whining about how much Serbs have suffered in “defense of Slavdom” (as if no one else had to endure suffering in their history). You opened a thread which resulted in the worst flaming since the glorious days of the verbal battles between Sibiryak and me (and that’s quite a piece of work). I viewed you with suspicion from the very beginning (actually since your first post when you went totally nuts because of nothing), but I still tried to be friendly with you for the most time. Not any more. You are a typical internet-warrior, I wouldn’t even wonder if it turned out that you are this guy:

If he can pass for a Slav on this forum, so can the 4 guys above as well.

Lol, I have seen so far no Chechen or Tatar claiming Slavic ancestry. Do you live in some kind of alternate reality?