Dmytro Dontsov considered Northern Caucauasian populations to be related enough to be included into an Ukrainian state.    Although Sokil is correct that these populations do not claim or wish to be Slavic.

On the other hand, Cvetinov is obsessed with trying to persaude us that Slavocized Gypsies are equal to Slavs and therefore the contrapositive that they have more right to belong in Slavia than the frequently raised cases like Pentaz possessing an ancient Germanic surname or even myself who is half Scandinavian descent.  Or the fact that many West Slavs could have substantive German blood and likewise Russians with Finnic.    In reality, other European populations (especially Celts, Germanized Slavs, Finns and Scandinavians) have either common ancestry or input into Slavic peoples.  Reality is, I've been throughout the Slavic and Finnic regions of Europe and not a single person considered me out of place.  In contrast, if I were half Gypsies, I probably would have been accosted / beaten up by skinheads, as I saw what happened to an Asian Australian in Riga.

Gypsies and Asians in Eastern Europe are simply Medieval-era filfth who need to return to their homelands.  Belarus is a Dictatorship, I think it makes a lot of sense for Gypsies to vacate Belarus and migrate to a democracy like the Federal Republic of India (Gypises are from geographical India).