I don’t see where you felt mentioned in the postings? But since it did hit a nerve, let it be.

Far from an internet-warrior whatever that is, I am person that broke his leg on his last job, and was prescribed to rest. I have an objection towards xenophobia, because I did actually experience all that crap you are brainwashed with and are dreaming in your wet dreams, on terrain.

I don’t know if you are suffering from a reality deficit, but we are all hiding behind PC’s, some using it for past-time activities, the others because they have no other lives to live probably.

I am not in the mood for stalking, but that member did post his whole biography on this forum, so I suppose he is just a child not knowing how to use the web or a troll using someone else’s identity to show himself in an acceptable light.

No, I do not consider one Slavic nation to be ‘more’ Slavic than the other, nor did I opened threads on this subject. I do consider however that some nations did fight for the Slavic cause more than others, and that is my subjective point of view. A quisling that is proud for killing his Slavic brethren, siding with the Germans/Turks will never be a ‘Slav’ in my eyes.

If you do not feel mature enough to engage heated discussions without insults, do not open or post in heated topics in which you may feel insulted.

P.S. As for the Canadian troll, learn to read english for fucks sake, and read my postings before answering shit. I don’t know what brought you to this forum, nor do I care, but before starting a post with “Cvetinov wants or thinks” remember … read, think, ask if not sure.