Very True. Hi all I'm new too, just joined today.

A forewarning for all who don't know- there is a user on youtube who is formally known as "fineline" (currently going by the name neuternspaygermans, he loses his accounts on a daily basis) he claims to be polish and starts this "more slav than thou" rants and tirades, makes up lies about slavic history and even dabbles in pseudo-anthropology and believe it or not people are buying into his lies as they are hungry for more info on their slavic heritage (or anyone else curious in learning the history of slavs). He has been kicked off of other slavic/polish forums before, and usually tries to join any "slavic" or "polish" one he finds. He is a prolific troll, spends his entire waking hours doing this: and his typing antics are actually notorious, lol, if you follow him and know it. He goes by "polskimoc" on some forums but he makes new names to get around it after he gets banned. Like the original poster here said, lets keep this up (and I hope fineline does not discover this forum, but im sure eventually he will.)