He is born in Croatian fammily in BiH. When he was just to enter faculty he has writen down by the question of nationality catholic Croat from Bosnia. After new country has born he started to write that he is a Serb. All his work was on Serbian language. Mostly people believe that he took the Serb nationality cause Serbia was the strongest country in newborn Kingdom of Yugoslavija and than he was transfered to Berlin to work in KY embbasy. As I remember he never said that he is Croat or a Serb, he said that it does not matter and stuff like that.

Everybody is trying to have his fame four their own country. Croats say that he is Croat, Serbs that he is Serb and we learn in school that he is Bosnian ( not Bosniak ). Stupid thing, it's better to somebody acctually read his books.