Perhaps he never cared a lot for his nationality, and perhaps other Yugoslav care more about his origins than he did, but there's no real reason to be proud of someone else success. Perhaps glad for them, but not proud. You should be proud of your personal victories and accomplishments

I agree with you here 100%. Well said. It's actually kind of pathetic if we have to leech of the achievements of other brilliant people and make them personal in order to make ourselves feel better. To me its pathetic when Serbs worship Tesla for being a brilliant Serb as if to imply they are personally responsible for his achievements just because they are of the same ethnic group …as if every Serb was a scientist or for Croats .. everyone born on Croatian soil was a pure genius.. It has reached the point of absurdity. I actually study Tesla not because he was a Serb , Slav , or from Croatia but because his work is incredible and the possibilities are almost endless. Tesla inspired me to learn about electricity.