Perhaps he never cared a lot for his nationality, and perhaps other Yugoslav care more about his origins than he did, but there's no real reason to be proud of someone else success. Perhaps glad for them, but not proud. You should be proud of your personal victories and accomplishments

Well I dont aggree :)
Maybe its from person to person but I know my reasons and surely there are some other people like myself, not only regarding Tesla, but some other example aswell. If i had a brother I would be proud of his theoretical success in something, as I have blood bound with him. With my best friend or some good friends I dont have blood bound but sure I can be proud and glad in the same time if they achieve something as I have other bounds with them. I feel connection with Dalmatia aswell, my city Split, our football club Hajduk and I am damn proud of it. Maybe today in modern football when money plays the role in everything we cant participate in uefa league or make some extra results, but that wont stop me or other who love our club to be proud of it. Wherever I go I will and I sing our songs and will not be only glad if Hajduk wins, but proud aswell even if they dont play where I am at that time. ("Ako te ko pita i na kraju svita, reci mu za Hajduk ime Torcida") Same is with my country Hrvatska, or with Slavic heritage aswell, if it wasnt I wouldnt really be here on this forum. Maybe you do not feel your country, people, city, friends in a same way I do, but thats not rly my problem and I dont care if you will follow every man for himself philosphy, thats your call.

To conclude and stay on topic regarding Tesla, as I alrdy stated I rly but rly dont care about Serbian hegemony who claims everyone from Tesla to st. Mary being Serbian, nor Croatian nationalists in this case trying to prove something, as etnicity on paper rly wont tell how a man feels about his nationality nor any of these people who speak in Tesla name after his death. I am damn sure being Croatian/Serbian in that time was least of his concerns regardless what any of you say.