Thanks for your explanations Svätoslava and Zrkadlo. Anway i personaly dont know difference between Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian language. All i know is that Kajkavian Croatian is quite different from Štokavian and i understand most of Kajkavian especialy more archaic variants. Chakavian is also generaly understood by me altho less than Kajkavian and more than Štokavian.

Well, the question is rather complicated for me. Being culturally an Eastern Slav I gravitate to Russian culture (but hate Russia's modern political system and ideology) but I would like to live in a quiet small Slavic country with developed infrastructure which does not experience too pressing difficulties in the wake of the world economic crisis and where good beer is brewed. So, two last reasons possibly exclude Slovenia (that was a good option all the same) and point directly to… yup, Czech Republic. Prague is my choice although I love Kiev (Kyiv) dearly and am a patriot of my home city.
And  yes, the Czechish beer is the best in Europe! ;D And my wife is half Czech and even graduated from the high school in Prague and has relatives there.
Svätoslava, with my Ukrainian and Russian I better understans Slovak. In those videos you placed in your posts I understood only separate words in Czech and on the contrary – almost all said in Slovak by those blondies. :) I should add to this that I never learned either of the languages though.

Yeah i know Union and Laško is becoming more and more crapy ever since independence but we have several good microbreweries but their beer is only sold in their own pubs so it is hard to get constant suply. Economicaly we have good infrastucture but our economy and state has to big taxes so all of our industry and other firms are going abroad now so there are more and more unempolyed people.