How did you discover you were a Slav?

I had any information to know it, but I didn't match it. I will make it short, though it is a very long story. My german husband-to-be always complained about Turks and told me that he doesn't understand how I can be a Turk when not looking, behaving or thinking like one (especially when I don't like them either). Then I told him that the "father of Turks", Atatürk, was a blond and blue eyed guy born in Greece and a Turk, too. Many years I didn't understand why I am the person I am, why I cannot feel any positive emotion when thinking about Turkish culture, why it scared me as a child an still does today, and why I hate the nature in my land if I was naturally addicted to like it because I was the product of this nature (concerning evolution etc.), why I cannot even endure the nature (as already said, I like it cold). As I began to read about pre-Christian European culture, I was fascinated and began to feel home in this ancient world, something I never did in my life before. For many years it was a hobby for me to read about that and the deeper I got in the topic, the more I didn't understand why it was this "foreign" culture instead of my own one. It got worst about one year ago as I began to read especially about Germanic and Slavic paganism, because I thought that this was definitely something which was in opposite of "my" culture. This was a rather difficult phase, it torned me apart because I was addicted to this world more than to anything else I've ever seen. Then one evening my husband-to-be asked me why I can speak some words in Bosnian and I answered that my grandfathers lived in Bosnia and told him how they came to Turkey. Then he asked me if that doesn't mean that I was a emmigrated Slav instead of a Turk, considering that I don't look Turkish and all the other things I've written above. The next day I asked my parents about several things concerning our forefathers and than there was no doubt anymore.