Turkey is essentially the European version of Mexico.  Mexico has a Hispanic-German upper class ruling over a horde of brown Amerindians who think they are Mestizo..  In Turkey, it's either Albanians, Circassians, Greeks or Slavs ruling over a mutt population which is probably largely Arab.  If only because the original Turkic people look like Kazakhstanis and people of Central Asia.

Ataturk was half Albanian and half Macedonian Slav

Even the house of Osman (Ottoman Royal Family) looks different from regular Turks.  I know a Turkish woman who is a fake blonde but her blue eyes are legitimate, doesn't like traveling to Turkey (because she gets mistaken for a Slav) and ended up marrying an Anglo.
On the other hand I know another Turkish woman, although a nice woman, who could easily pass for a Mexican Amerindian.


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