I would want to live in northern Russia. It’s my home and the home of my friends and relatives. If I was going to live in another Slavic country, then it becomes a difficult choice. I travelled around Belarus’ and I’ve seen it all. Belarus’ is a beautiful country and it felt like home.  :)

I would want to go to all Slavic countries and regions in central and southern Europe visiting cultural cities and centres, historic sites and folk festivals. I will stroll around the streets of Krakow, Prague and Kosice (Slovakia) with my camera taking pictures. I would visit Slavic museums and folk festivals in Lusatia. I would go to Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria and coastal areas of Croatia. I will travel to Bratislava, Belgrade and Novi Sad.
If I was going to settle for a few years it would be in beautiful Slovenia somewhere not far from the Alps. The country is small and anywhere you settle it wouldn't be far from the Alps


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