Yes but Greeks didnt use runes and Romans later developed other kind of wrriting system. Runes were developed in Italian peninsula and they were spreaded to north from Alpic passed like Gotthard Pass which was and still is important trading area and to east via Amber Road. Notable people using this kind of script were Raeti and Adriatic Veneti. In this time germanic were still bunch of Texas Rangers.

But Germanic people often invaded Italian peninsula and later they were mercenaries for Rome so they came into contact with this kind of writing before slavs did. Also i dont think writing was used by ordinary Germanic’s.

If we think about it Norsemen started to use rune very late. For example by the time of early Viking age germanics in area of modern Germany already stoped using runes for quite long time. Its like ex-Yugoslavians still driving Yugo Koral 55 in 2012 while others already drive Volkswagen Golf Mk5.

Here old Adriatic Veneti runes from area of modern Slovenia;