Boris V.
Boris V.

On PC i’m not having problems 99% of the time, but it is a known issue so i know what you’re talking about.

It is a bug that sometimes shows due to cloudflare + this software, also TV and its inbuilt browser also might be a part of the problem as TV browsers are sh*t truth to be told. To me it happened a few times that when i log in it still shows me cached version that i’m logged out (but actually i’m logged in). It will be fixed with time tho. 

Now i could just disable the cache for the forum, but it is kind of a problem due to forum comments on articles, it would be a massive server hog when one of the articles goes viral and on each session it loads comments instead of cached ones. 

P.S.- but don’t browse the web on TV, its just bad expirience. On PC or Smartphone as i said 99% of the time i don’t have any problems.


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