What Vladislava said is correct. At least according to what I've been reading about nutrition.

The blood type diet has some truth but it now considered an outdated theory. The new theory states that every individual is somewhat unique in his dietary needs. Blood type is too broad of a category. Narrowing it down, scientists have created the "food intolerance" diet. They have to test each patient to check what foods he cannot properly digest or utilize.

They noticed that usually people tolerated best the food that was traditionally eaten in their habitat since the body got used to it. The human body can optimize itself to best survive in a certain environment so if you have nutrients A and B, and you've only eaten A, chances are you will eventually not be able to efficiently utilize B. Your body does this to conserve energy. Simple evolution.

They have also noticed that a majority of humans is very intolerant of sugar and to a lesser extent of carbs in general. Eastern europeans (that's us! :) ) and west asians  are on average very intolerant of carbohydrates.

This intolerance is not set in stone and can be changed over time. Or so I hear.


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