Sorry to all you Russian brothers but on this one i am on Latvian side. Let us put ourself in their position. Wouldnt we do the same? But i would make Russian a regional minority language in those historicaly Russian areas.

You might be right but only on political grounds. Russian as the 2nd official language threatens Latvian national interests and being a dominating language in the region it might supress Latvian. But all the same it's a discrimination. Especially when a great per sent of population cannot get citizenship based on mastering the language. I've always been the adept supporter of Ukrainian as the only official language in Ukraine but there was not such a situation where Russian-speaking polulation was denied of citizenship on linguistic grounds in the first place.

Well if so many people cant speak Latvian thats realy hardcore. I have one old neibourgh who cant speak Slovene so he speaks in Serbo-croatian and i tell you its freaking annoying becouse i dont understand what he wants and secondly he lives here for 40 years so he could already learn to speak Slovene. As i understand Latvian Russians are in Latvia for many years so they could have learned Latvian long ago. If i were Latvian politician i would try to Latvianise all Russians. Dont take it personal but Latvians are small and endangered nation like Slovenes.