No I don't take it personal. of course. ;D Especially when I, Russian living in Ukraine, speak both languages and respect both deeply ;D You are right in the sense that Latvians correctly feel that Latvian may be endangered by dominating Russian if things are that Russian is acknowledged as the 2nd official language. I also do not support people who don't want to learn language of the country they live in. But if Latvian identity might be something bigger than simply a language then it's a great mistake not to acknowlege people's right to the citizenship because they don't speak your language. Latvia is the place where Russian-speaking communities may be compact and that was one of rhe reasons they were not pressed hard enough to learn Latvian. Moreover, the nationalist laws of Latvia concerning citizenship, AFAIK, are replicas from the laws from nationalist Latvia-1940 which is not quite compatible with contemporary ideas of human rights and freedoms.