I don't feel any positive emotions when Baltic nations  conduct the rusophobian and chauvinist policy against Russians, but they're pretty right: Baltic countries are for Baltic people and Russia is for Russians, as a nationalist I can't argue against this statement.. The neighboring Russian regions like Pskov and Novgorod have real problem with the decline in population, there're many empty villages which are colonized by asian migrants from former soviet ass respublics and Northern Caucasus. Probably these "Russians" have opportunity to sell the property in Baltic and move to Russia, but they want to live in Europe and impose their language to Latvia  :D  While they will still live in those countries, they'll be second-class citizens only.  Actually not all of them are ethnic Russians, there're a many people from the former USSR, using Russian language in their life and supporting pro-soviet and pro-putin views.

Interestingly, the Baltic governments will be equally consistent toward black migrants? I would not be surprised when I hear about the referendum on the status of Hindi language at 2030 :D

Yes when i see pictures of Russian villages it makes me sad. I mean all villages of Russia are so empty, so much agricultural land without farmers and so many empty and destroyed houses. Russia could combat poverty and unemployement with colonisation of empty Russian villages with ethnic Russians.